Is Windows 7 Beta Considered Warez Now?

i just upgraded my pc, and i wanted to try this out, could anyone tell me if it is considered warez now?

Find yourself a beta key and your set to use it till august. MS sent out the same key to thousands of registered user.

someone post how well renoise runs in it. probably as well as vista i’d imagine.

cool, i’m going to check out ‘MS Windows 7 beta 1 Build 7022 x86’.

the drivers that are built for Vista can be used in Windows7?

I’m sorry to tell you dude, but Windows 7 is just a picture of hitler.

good question, i am unsure, i was going to try and use xp drivers.
i will find this out, this weekend!

Renoise 2 works like a charm on windows 7 and got no problems with my vista drivers. The only problems I’ve seen is with some ones having a special installer that detects os version in a way that stops because it can’t recognize windows 7 like a vista but if I remember it was a chipset one or something like that. Anyway it has a prettier interface and boots faster than vista and couldn’t tell it runs slower than my xp in my notebook.

well the window manager loaded and i had mouse pointer but that was it. thinking i need to run it on my older system i upgraded from.

what should i be looking for in this thread? :P

I’m not entirely sure either! :P

heh, i need to find a case and an optical drive to go any further with this.
in the end ubuntu may be the champion.