Issue With Automating Vsti With Midi Pedal


I’m mapping sustain pedal midi CC to a VSTi parameter to act as an ON/OFF trigger. Everything seems fine when I press the pedal on live recording. But then, during playback, the velocity of the track is maxed out once midi cc signal is sent.
Is there something I am doing wrong?

I’m wondering if the issue came from the MO message created when I’m using MIDI pedal. Could I record the automated parameters value only through MIDI pedal, instead of recording a M0 message?

Did you put a checkmark next to MIDI Velocities, and friends?

In the “Pattern Editor Control Panel”, did you make sure to turn on “Pattern Automation Recording Mode” for more granularity?

Hope this helps.

I’ve been messing around with MIDI preference . I’ve been told pedal controller could be recognized as midi cc7 (volume ) and midi cc64 (sustain). So, I’ve tried to filter cc64 or cc7 in “Ignore specific controller” preference. Using learning witht the pedal, cc64 is mapped to the automated parameter. Here is the result :
-Ignore cc7 : has no effect on the max velocity issue.
-Ignore cc64 : Still modifies the parameter, but without M0 command line. No more max velocity issue.

The problem seems solved, but the fix is not right for me. It works when I ignore the controller I want to map !!! I don’t know what ignore controller really means, but you can still control a parameter when ignoring the midi cc.
Again, the issue appears on playback, not on recording. I think the M0 command is interpreted differently during playback. To conclude, one should just change the parameter effect value with MIDI without creating Mx messages!!
Is there a clean way to fix this ? How could I generally control a parameter without the Mx pattern command?

Those “M” commands are the way Renoise represent “raw” MIDI CC messages in a pattern, and the result of having attached some MIDI device, and recording it without first having mapped the controller it to a parameter. This is most likely not what you want?

Instead, I would suggest that you control the VST plugin via the instr. automation device. If the parameter you wish to control is exposed by the plugin, and you can choose it, using one of the dropdown menus in the instr. automation device, you should be able to map it like any other parameter: press CTRL+M (Midi-map), select/move the parameter and then touch your MIDI pedal.

Also, if this truly is how you want things to work, you probably don’t want to enable any kind of MIDI input filtering. I would suggest clearing the ignore value in MIDI prefs, and simply go back to the “factory settings”.

This is exactly what I did, but for some reason, Renoise still creates M0 midi cc messages that it would interpret as changing VSTi parameters as well as setting velocity to max value.

However, when I filter out the cc which controls the VSTi parameter, M0 messages are gone and changes from instr.automation device effect command remains.

So, having M0 message with instr automation device mapped to midi controller is bug?

Just to be sure everyone is talking about the same thing, can you confirm you are indeed using this device:

Sorry in advance for being redundant, but just want to make sure.

I can confirm this is what I am using. ;)