Issue with sending notes from two different tracks to the same plugin

Totally new to Renoise. I have two tracks sending notes to the same instrument(multichannel drum machine). 1st track triggers kick, 2nd triggers hi hat. Weird thing is that kick triggers only when there is a trigger for hi hat as well. If i swap the tracks order in Renoise edit window then it’s other way around…how do i fix this? Thanks!

Edit: I am not talking about audio output of the instrument itself, but the notes it receives from renoise…and by swapping i mean dragging one track to put it after another in the edit tab.

You mean it swap the audio output of your plugin between the two tracks, right?

You need to assign the track for each audio output of your plugin. When you are on the plugin tab in Renoise, it should be on the left bottom side.

Working with multichannel/tracks instruments is tedious if you want to use separate tracks for each sound.

Alternatively expand a track with more note-columns and just stuff all your sounds on that one track but then all effects are applied on all sounds which isn’t exactly ideal.

… so if you want full control then you have to set up different outputs for each individual instrument, I can’t remember exactly how, I have only tried it a few times with Battery (NI drummachine) and it was so “ARGHHH!” that I stopped doing it, instead I’ve found the directory folder full of all the WAVs and just use them.

No, it has nothing to do with the audio, but the note data the tracks send, i mean i literary drag the track with the mouse and swap their positions in the edit tab…

It’s not about audio output from the multichannel instrument, but about the notes which two separate tracks sending to it…

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 20.27.18

here’s the tracks, thy both send notes to the same instrument. One sends C-3 another sends D-3. If both of the notes playing at the same time then the instrument receives them both. But if second track sends D-3 while first track not sending anything, the instrument doesn’t receive that D-3 note…hope i could be more or less clear…

If you want to send data from multiple tracks to the same instrument (without interrupting the audio stream ) you just have to assign the instrument output to a specific track in the output audio routing .
This way the audio will always go to that track , and you can use whatever track ( or multiple tracks ) you like for sending data

Audio is not interrupted, NOTES are not always sent, different issue altogether, and yes, i do use audio routing to send different channels to different tracks. Thanks anyways.

Are you talking about vst instruments or renoise instruments ?
Notes should always be send .
If you write that the kick only triggers when it receives a hi hat this implies that you have not set it up correctly
I have no issues controlling microtonic or any other drummamchine from multiple channels and multiple outputs in renoise
Upload a renoise file to let us investigate


Not exactly. Kick triggers only when hi hat triggers as well. I am using vcv rack 2 vst so i have pretty good control over the signal flow and i can see that there are two different notes received, but, one of them(from the first track) is recevied only when there’s a data coming from the second track as well.

I can upload the file no problem, but how much would u be able to see without using the same instruments? Do you have vcv rack pro? If not, all you’ll see is the notes which can already see on the screenshot…

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 22.31.01
My audio routing looks like this if something, very straightforward, each channel of the vst goes to the track which sends note to that channel…

I’ve recorded a little video showing the issue:

Mhn, maybe its a Rack2 related issue? When i do the same with Atlas or XO it works fine for me. I dont have Rack2.

If the VST (or the preset within) does not support polyphony, you may have to duplicate it so additional tracks can be used:

  • Right-click on the instrument in the Instrument Selector and choose the “Duplicate” option. This will create a duplicate copy of that VST and all its settings as a new instrument.
  • Then, change the instrument number for all VST notes in the second track to reference the duplicated instrument.

OKey, it WAS the polyphony thing, and yes, it was on the VCV side, apparently the MIDI to gate module is monophonic, which makes no sense, will contact the developer…


You can just insert another midi to gate module in vcv rack and specifiy the incoming note
The midi to cv module also has gates and retrigger outputs and is polyphonic