Issue with the slicer

Anyone else facing this particular issue with automatic slicer?
I miss the one from Emulator x3 it was so straightforward. I’ve recorder example when i set sensitivity lower, it slices quieter parts than the louder part it should be slicing.

Is it misbehaving, or i’m not using it right? I’ve had mpc, used recycle for slicing, EMU x3 (for chopping using treshold), etc. And to me it seems that this in renoise is not behaving as others?


Expected results:
To slice parts of equal loudness and onward

Achieved results:
Sliced parts are one quiet, and other loud parts, leaving the ones in-between unsliced?

Thanks in advance!

The only thing the auto slicer is good for imo is to not use it. It doesn’t deliver a good result and it’s quicker to do it manually than to move the slices around and deleting exessive slices or what not. It doesn’t seem like it detects transients.

@TheBellows , I’m doing slicing manually every time and that’s not the question here, it’s rather the functionality of slicer. But thanks, i see that i’m not misusing it :slight_smile:

Renoise’s onset detector isn’t looking at the amplitude peaks, which you are expecting here, but is looking at changes in the spectrum (spectral flux).

Onset detection based on amplitude changes usually only does a good job for “clean” loops without many overlapping instruments. Onset detection based on spectral flux does a better job for mixed sound contents, but tends to detect too many onsets. To compensate this, the default sensitivity setting is quite low (the percentage value next to the auto-slice button).

So try bumping the sensitivity a little bit, then remove unwanted slices by double-clicking them. This usually still is faster than setting all the slices manually.


Thanks for explanation Taktik.

I rather prefer chopping my samples manually (except some simple drum breaks - which i now chop manually as well :stuck_out_tongue: )

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