[???] Issue with U-he ACE x64: appearing to crash Renoise 3


Renoise 3.0 x64
Windows 8.1 x64
U-he Ace 1.2/1.3 x64

  1. Open a new instance of Renoise 3.0
  2. Load U-he ACE 1.2 or 1.3 64bit
  3. Windows states that there has been an error and that Renoise must close immediately.

If plugins are sandboxed, ACE runs fine.

All other U-he/other brand plugins run fine.

This problem ONLY happens in Renoise 3.0, and ONLY with the 64bit version of ACE.

The 32/64bit plugin runs fine in Renoise 2.8.2 x64 with sandboxing switched off.

The 32bit version of ACE runs fine in Renoise 3.0 x64 with sandboxing switched off.

I’ve already spoken with U-he, and they are unable to replicate the problem - anyone experiencing similar?



Ace 1.3 64bit (rev 2373) works fine here, regardless of sandbox on/off.
Renoise 3.0 64bit, Win 8.1 64bit.

Maybe, try to delete the “CachedVSTs_x64.db” in the Renoise preferences folder once? (main menu “Help” >> “Show the Preferences Folder”) :unsure:

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried this, multiple times, I’ve clean uninstalled / reinstalled everything (except windows) multiple times, I’ve cleaned temporary files, rescaned this and that.

Now, today I mean, It has grown to a huge and even more grotesque status. ACE now fails to initialise in Renoise (error message saying as much) and no longer appears in the plugin list. Deleted cached / failedcached and it’s no better.

So annoying.

Trying another clean swipe of renoise.