Issue with u-he diva plugin on Mac os X

Hi all,

Problem with u-he diva plugin (last version) (AU, VST or VST3) on Mac os X 12.6.1 and renoise 3.4.2

  • Open u-he diva plugin inside Renoise
  • Click on a down arrow to open a pop-up menu in the plugin.
  • Select an item in the pop-up menu
  • Nothing happen (the selected item does nothing)

Tested with Repear Host and there’re no problem. Someone else can see this problem ?


Hi Manu, to use the keyboard in Diva you need to check “Enable Keyboard”.

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Hi, thank you ! But why enable keyboard to use popup menu with mouse ? This is strange but thank you for the tips !

For some reason I read use the down arrow and select and item, it’s the same issue nonetheless.

Diva doesn’t prioritize input focus when opened in Renoise, might be how it handles being opened in a popup instead of its own editor window like in Reaper or Logic.

Turn off HiDPI scaling for Diva and see if it helps.

Thanks all, i have an answer from u-he support, i paste with their authorisation a part of the answer :

“we recently found a workaround for this, so in the next update it won’t be necessary anymore to activate that keyboard option.”

“we currently cannot say when the next round of updates will be available. We are currently working hard on a lot of different areas, so it will take a couple of months until we are able to post some new betas or updates.”

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This one was recently fixed in the latest Diva update (also Filterscape 1.5). U-He is rolling out updates for most of their plugins sooner or later, which will finally fix this issue.

Hi, thank you to tell us. Yes this is fixed ! Thank you to u-he developers who works fast.