It-Alien Demo Song Question

I’ve been listening to the fourth renoise demo song by It-Alien, ThePath 2009, and trying to take it apart. He uses a looping pad wavform on the first track that produces some secondary sound effect. I was trying to see how it was done with effects but I think it’s just some acoustic phenomena!! I seem to recall seeing a renoise demo explaining this at one time, and I think there is a term for it but I can’t remember. Can someone explain?


could you please be more precise about what you mean with “seconday sound effects”? the looped WAV has a slightly distorted sound in between which is indeed used in the song to produce some rhythmic effect, but I’m not sure you exactly mean that.
Here is a short mp3 of the sound

It’s a low rumbling bass (pad), then at about 10 seconds you can start to hear a higher pitch sound stepping up and then down (over top of the original low rumbling bass). I thought it might be a filter sweeping but I can’t see any effects involved. It only starts after the pad has looped a few times. I’m new to renoise and trackers, so probably missing something, but I seem to recall there is some sort of term for this type of sound… anyways, thanks for looking at this.

ok, then the answer is simple: track DSP effects are not the only way to add a filter to an instrument: you can also use Instrument Editor’s Instrument Envelopes. Using them, you can assign a filter and a resonance directly to the instrument rather than to a track.

In the demosong, instrument 05 has a Filter and a Resonance applied to it; the “stepping” effect of the resonance frequency is due to the extremely low BPM rate (32 BPM)

ahhh! Thank you.

And remember: When taking the song apart, when it comes to the tracking: the secret is in the F200 command…