It Alien!

Man I just listened your “thinking of nothing” jazzy stuff. It’s awesome!
It really gave me real inspiration storm dood!!! Would you please please please + prettyplease & beggin faces – give me samples that you used in that!!!
For example the rns itself. You can delete note-data if you would like to! :( :unsure: :blink: answer here or contact me by eemyel: if.cin AT llaftip (yea read it backwards… hopefolly spambots doesn’t recognize that…)

hey pitfall,
really thanks for your appreciations about my song.

I’m sorry to say that I really can’t help you:
the samples used into this song are AKAI/Kontakt/SampleTank/Trilogy programs, so:

  • you won’t be able to use them outside their respective VST instruments
  • they are HUGE
    for example, Trilogy (the bass) samples are merged into a single 3.5GB file frm which I can’t extract the ones I’vee used.
    piano and grandpiano are a total of 290MB AKAI and GIG samples (played into Kontakt)
    drums are like 50MB, and so on…

I’m a registered Kontakt, Trilogy and Sampletank user.
I really recommend them if you are heading into such music’s direction.

Just curious: what do you get from Sampletank that Kontakt doesn’t cover?

well… Kontakt is THE sampler, you know…

Sampletank is a bit easier, has more built-in effects and has 8 CDs of great sounds.

So it is a very good source for “pre-cooked” stuff, which is really useful when you want to compose for instruments you really don’t know about how they work, like, in my case, brasses.

SampleTank 2 is much better than SampleTank 1, so I registered it because there was a preordering discount which was very appealing.

There is nothing really vital that SampleTank has and Kontakt doesn’t: they have different approaches, Sampletank being more straightforward (the manual introduction is full of words such as “READY TO USE”, “ASSEMBLED FOR YOU”, and so on… and they are right anyway), Kontakt being more complex and customizable.

Is up to you to decide which you prefer. I just decided to get both because of Sampletank preordering offer.