It all started like this...

Tracker with no name, by Arguru…

This tracker had a terrible childhood but look at him now :)

Everything else has changed but the disc-op is still the same :D

indeed :)
time to change it.

Phazze, cool to see that one. I haven’t seen it before. It kind of looks like the early OctaMED :) I registered and started using it as Noisetrekker 3 and since then many things have changed as well. When is this screenshot from?


This is version 1.3 sometime in 1999 or 1998 I think…
it was not direct x at the time it was using some libcon.dll library which also crashed my graphics card from time to time.

popular hit was “samba de janeiro” :)
the millenium bug (and end of world as we know it) was near…
microsoft didn’t publish widnows XP yet and we were all having good time with windows 98 :)

it was a terrible time in short :)