It Also Works On P3-700...

i just let you know, becouse in the install dialog it sais “p4 or higher” … but also “with SSE support” and thats it.
i used renoise rc2 on p3 700 in a live performance with midi-keyboard. It worked fine :wink:

yes, it is.
i used 1.5.2 on my Toshiba 9100 laptop, it was P3-1200mhz/512 ram with ECHO pcmcia card (asio mode) and the set up worked fine.
but it wasnt enough for loadsntonns of VST and VSTi`s, more a sample based setup.

Also i tried to run 1.8rc3 on apple iBook g3 - 600mhz/512 ram without ASIO device. this is not really for VST`s at all =)
Really want to see how 1.8rc3 runs on core2duo/2gb ram machine. Wanna know difference between my Prescott (3.2ghz) and core2duo chips…

I made some tunes with 1.2 on a P3-450! :drummer:
Of course, that was a while ago and I used a lot of hardware. Still, Renoise is quite CPU efficient compared to bloatware like Cubase.

I started with Renoise on C500 and could do quite a lot of different things on such configuration :). Nevertheless, additional firepower is always useful.

My workhorse for ReNoise is my Fujitsu Lifebook B Series, running Win2k, clocking in at 733mhz. 1.8 is noticably slower, though…I keep 1.5 around if I need a little speed kicker…

Btw, does anyone know if lower sample rates will decrease cpu usage? Also, is there anything I can do to get better performance from sample envelopes (non-filter/effect envelopes…just volume/pan/etc.) It seems like this wouldn’t use a lot of cpu, but for a single sample with no effects on at all, on my book it jumps from 2.5% cpu to 3.7% cpu when I turn just an 1 envelope on for the volume! This seems quite excessive seeing as how I could run impulse tracker on this baby and max out the polyphony with nothing but enveloped samples and barely crack 50%. :\

Perhaps this might help you determine that. I’m still ‘getting around’ to moving over to my P5B/E6300 setup, and am eager to do some tests to see what sort of quality/latencies/buffer I can run at & compare.

Just upgraded to the year 2003/4 with a 1.41 ghz laptop. Got a little more headroom, but I still operate like I’m in a small box, if you get my meaning.