It be Swell Though

Had an experiment with swells, then I got side tracked and made this thing!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Editing MIDI curves across two segments is a painful experience, or am I doing it wrong?



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Yes, but when you want to change an envelope point on the edges, the auto-transporting to the other pattern, and snap-to-value causes me some grievance. I.e, in pattern B I need to change the dynamic up/down, and to match I have to move to end of A, then back and forth until the transition is good, then repeat for maybe 10-15 instruments.

EDIT: In other words, the MIDI “wall” between 2 patterns causes a lot of back and forth scrolling when you need to control a lot of automation across multiple patterns.

It’s a small thing, but do it enough and it’ll grind your gears! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, I believe that!

ya, I’ve had my share of automation editing frustration with the pattern “wall”
…mostly just record live cc data these days until I’m satisfied, then microedit for tweaks

Nicely done, this remind me some kind of superheroes’ gloomy soundtracks like Batman V Superman

Yes I think it’s a limit for the tracker UI because there is not a global view, playing with lots of automations curves is definitely easiest in a more mainstream DAW.
Doable in Renoise of course, as I use it always, but less simple IMO.