It’s here, I can’t believe it’s here

God, I cannot begin to tell you how long I’ve waited for VST3 support, side-chaining, and some of you have probably seen some of my posts. The hours spent EQ’ing and compressing, weird partial workarounds with DDMF or other tools, trying desperately hours after hours after hours trying to rip the mud out of some deeply amazing piece.

And tonight, after an OS refresh and finally getting through installs, weeks after stumbling across news of this update and nearly having a heart-attack … spending an hour throwing a quick base together, drums side-chained into sub-base, side-chained into a grungy bassline, trailed by wandering chord strikes, and everything just so … bloody clear.

I want to say thank you, and thank you is deserved for this work, after years and years and years of begging pleading for this attention, I’m finding a stalemate of balance in this.

But it’s like … I can breathe. It’s all here. It’s all right here.


That’s so cool, I’m happy for you! :grin:

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Yup, Renoise is living in the future now…Well, the present at least. :grin:

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