It Was Lost, But Now It's Found

An old song, that we were just about to add vocals on, disappeared a long time ago with the death of my previous PC (r.i.p.)

But now, one year later, it has come back, yet again, revived on a backup file found by Nico (the second half of our band).

So, Insane Prophecy is proud to present…


Great song!

It’s definitely worth throwing some vocals on. Even if you don’t, it can stand on its on quite well as instrumental.

Things I enjoyed:

  1. Old-school piano sound at the start

  2. String+Piano combo in certain sections of the song.

  3. The bridge…that was my favorite part of the song.

Keep up the good work.

Really cool song!

Though its a bit to repeatativ to get a 5, it would have been nice with some a variation on the theme.

I agree my favourit part of the song is the bridge starting at 2:24

Thanks for sharing!

Keep up the excellent work!

Thanks fellow renoisians.

Yeah, it’s kinda repetative, but we’re thinking of adding a vocal by a good friend of ours.

So we’ll see, maybe it’ll make the song more dynamic, and give it more character.

Thanks for the comments :)