[ITALO FUNK] D Fast - Tiny Wave

Went to Italy, found some cheese! This one will have proper vocals once I find the suitable singer.


Indeed the 90’s Italo cheese can certainly be detected inside…
Their bass sounds were usually more pale and canny though

I really, really like this one.

I wouldn’t add vocals though (could risk losing this super cool quirky vibe you’ve got going here) but that’s just me, this is real nice stuff and the synthwork is ace.

Thanks man! It’s mostly live playing with Juno-106. I’m a bit puzzled with the possible vocal aspect, right now adding a lead melody for the chorus bit and I’m kinda feeling the instrumentalism… Maybe I’ll just make some easy and moderate robot vocals instead of trying to make anything full-blow :)

I like this one too. My vote is no vocals. This has a Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse” kinda vibe to it right now, and I think vocals may turn this sharp cheese rotten. :D

Oh man, had forgotten all about that tune! Awesome, and even more so if my tune reminded you of it :)

UPDATED THE TUNE! Cheesy melody introduced with a bunch of other upgrades.

great track dfast!
can’t help it, i’m a sucker for italo…