It's Freakin' Summer!

Thumbs up for summer, guys, gals, musicians and mooses! :D

Went to the beach today with Henriette, dunno how hot it is today but we sure weren’t cold!

Gotta love those smoothies, ah… This was actually breakfast, hehe… We live about 5 minutes from here too. And tomorrow is a new day! :D

So, how’s the weather report, people?

Ur a lucky guy Sag,

Nice weather and living so close to the beach!

Here in the UK it is cloudy although we have had a couple of very nice days recently also B)

Here`s hoping for the rest of the week anyhow!

Norway is the best country in the world when the sun is about :D
im spending most of my days laying on the grass and tanning too…

anyway. i envy you that you got a girlfriend you can share your
interest with. you lucky dawg.

when i ask my girl about my music she just says… “thats probably nice”
and thats that… i have to skip to the most interesting parts to.
but you can learn to live with anything.

anyway… the rain is coming on wednsday. ;)

it’s a freaking beautiful day here in DC and guess what I’m doing?..


No. I’m studying for finals? :unsure: Bitches man!

but you know what, I just opened the bill for summer class from school and I see how much I have to pay (48 bucks out of 3 thousand!!! :blink: - my job is paying for my degree) it makes me feel a bit better.

It’s all about short term pain for long term happiness. It will all be worth it.

Better said then done tho!

I’d do anything to be seating outside with a “lappy toppy” making music in renoise and checking the mini skirts out. Damn it!

In the spirit of the good weather in norway ill throw in a late shot from the north of norway. (last night)

Its nice and quite hot here in Estonia :yeah: i even managed to spend some time outside with my shirt off today ;)

Although i dont really mind winter coming back, after hot and nice summertime :) want to try out my new snowboard B)

I would love to visit norway btw… and this day will come sooner or later :) beautiful beautiful nature out there! geiranger bay and such…

The sun is shining,
the weather is cool and the skirts get shorter :)

today 't was a damn rainy day here in Avellino (middle-southern Italy)

summer my a$$ :rolleyes:

Amen, brother. B)

“Somebody” drove me nuts with her short skirt last night, life is good!

heh yea man, i think i fell in love atleast 7 times last night.


It’s reproduction time for the birds… and humans. :P

quite windy today here in the nord of the Netherlands, but nice temperatures, tomorrow I will be selling many ice creams again B)

Ahh you northern hemispherians!

It’s getting REAL cold down here on the Australian highlands. Frosts, well below zero at night. Have to wear my beanie and gloves riding the bicycle to work! :ph34r:

We get a great autumn here in New England (see New South Wales), the colours are absolutely ecstatic. We get a “real” winter with snow, a beautiful spring, and a hot hot +30C summer. Where as the majority of Australia just gets the hot hot summer and mild weather for the rest of the year.

yeah its getting a bit chilly this time of year down in the supposed sunburnt country. I havent been posting much because my fingers are freezing!

This is going to sound like a super dumb question, but excuse my ignorance (I ain’t the smartest feller around ‘round these neck o’ woods) what’s up with it getting cold down there around now? Here in Denver it’s what one would expect this time of year- sunny days and rainy afternoons. Hot chicks walking the dogs :D

i assume that you are asking why it’s getting cold in australia right now? the reason is that it is in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are reversed. when it is summer here, it’s winter there… so it is actually summer during christmas time for them! weird!

anyway here in north carolina it has actually been a chilly day, lots of cold rain!!

I just love wikipedia…

we should all be really greatful for the early summer we
get here in norway, not worry about all the little mosquitos laying
theyr eggs like crazy this time of the year, not even offer a single
thougt to all the pollen from the bjorks and other plants, and pitty
all the alergic people that have to suffer trough the whole summer.
no no… we be happy :angry:

I think what confused me for a second is that the earth is tilted, so other regions that are considered down south don’t all get this effect. I need to go to school and learn a few things. I feel lika a major dumbass now :(

Honestly, I never learned that Australia (or parts of it anyway) had winter when we have summer in school.

Why? Dunno! Should have been something in the books, but nope! Nada!

Boy am I glad I’m not allergic… You have my sympathies, Annide!