It's Here! The Happy-hardcore Compo

:w00t: The Happy-Hardcore COMPO :w00t:

I’ve NEVER seen a happyhardcore competition on here ever before. So let me be host and go through it.


It’s quite simple, produce 1 tune (following the rules below) and PM to me as an mp3. The will eventually be a all-voting vote system thread. So i am not the judge.


  1. only 1 tune per canidate.
  2. can’t be below 180bpm
  3. has to sound 1990s / authentic
  4. you can use any VSTi’s you want

if you’re struggling to find some decent ravey samples and don’t mind downloading 51.2MB then click here


I reccomend Korg wavestation VSTi for pianos and strings

YOU GOT TILL 23rd of June. 1 2 3 GO!

not very familiar with the genre, got any samples?

people have uploaded alot to youtube……feature=related…feature=related

Is that you Mikee? Good to know what your handle is on here ;)

You going Strawberry Fair?

180BPM is far to fast for authentic Happy hardcore!


But I’m in anyways!

no it’s not ‘mikee’ . but my name is mike (squatski mike)
can’t go to the S/fair im affraid it clashes with a summer holiday :(

yeah true, but, well i like it fast :yeah:

So this is really a happy breakcore compo? :P

lol, whatever I dont care really, i just want people to start making music, making music on renoise is fun, and the sun is out it’s summer so you should all be in happy moods to write somthing.

writers-block can F off!

So, I just did something. Here’s my entry ;)

And mysteriously it is gone ;)

hiya, good idea,

is there something wrong with that link ?

i’ve tried to DL it twice, and it blocks/stops at around 90 percent… anyone else have that problem ?
maybe you could stick it on megaupload or something ?


your wish is my command sir… :)

hahahaaaaa excellent !! i’m going to have so much fun with those oldschool synth stabs :P thanks for that

:P :yeah:

that sample pack is all you need :guitar:

cheers for the sample pack!

old skool breakbeat hardcore would be slower than 180bpm, but typically happy hardcore on the bonkers packs etc. was played about 180

Count me in.

ahy eah, you’ll need to remember, please ONLY PM me with your tunes, it’s part of the competition to keep unknown before the voting thing happens

i recon if enough people do tracks for this its gotta be put together into a dj mix… bonkers renoised or something hehe :D

if indeed. if only :(

ive been having so much fun with this, if ppl dont do enough tunes maybe ill just make 20 more tracks :P

btw., ive mentioned this before, but luna-c has released some more sample packs for the early kniteforce releases which could be ideal for this. you can get them all here:

btw. can anyone recommend a good means of making pan pipes through a VST or something?