Itunes Plugin That Plays Tracker Files?

Does anyone know if there is an iTunes plugin that enables it to play tracker files?

(MacOS format only)


It seems to be a browser plugin. I don’t know how Itunes embeds a usual webbrowser but that might work…

As far as I know there is no Itunes-XM-s3m-mod-plugin, yet…

Long live Winamp.

Or xmplay. :P

Beautiful little resource-low mediaplayer! Too bad it goes nuts over some OGGs…

XMPlay goes nuts on OGGs? How? which ones?

For its module playback not worth shit? Die already Winamp, I say.

Um, dunno… Mine? It just crashes whenever I play my old OGGs on my computer. And I’m pretty sure it’s the latest version. I’ll check what encoder I used for the OGGs a few years back.

Oh, and Winamp takes ages to start compared to XMplay, IMHO. I just combine the use of Itunes for easy radio access and XMplay for quick file play. Also, I need quicktime to play back my mobile phone videos (3gp). I’m very careful with file associations. ;)

Also, XMplay has this exellent pattern view visualization for modules! Takes me back to the good old Cubic Player…

Cubic Player ROCKS :) Although the code is very weird. It’s impossible to write a windows-port.

Humm, you just gave me another reason to re-install dosbox :P

never had your issues with OGG files in XmPlay.

I’ve convinced lots of people to use XmPlay; they needed an XM/OGG player to play my songs, and now they use it as an all-around player.

Ian Luck should pay me a drink since about year 2001, when we started the whole XmPlay stuff, but he never did :)

Why dosbox. Cubic runs somehow good with the weird Win32-Driver :) (VDMSound, AFAIK)

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It’s been a while, I’m still searching for a way to do this.