I've Got An Exam Tomorrow :(

I’ve got an exam tomorrow at 2pm really dont want it have got no fing clue what to learn and cant be bothered to learn either, and i’ve got 4 essays in on thursday i’ve done 2 but got a 4,000 word essay and a 1,500 word essay then an other exam on friday how much does uni suck! wish i never went, just wish i was playing on renoise right now :(

I feel you man, i’m taking 17 credit hours at the moment. I’ve already got a few huge projects due as well (second week into our semester).

What is your major/focus? And what is your university system set up like (semester, trimester, quarter, etc.)?

its divided into semesters 1 and 2 this is the first semster but in my second year im studying a joint bachelor of science with criminology and social policy which is so boring :( and worst of all im trying to get this wireless printer i bought from lexmark to print some stuff out and its doing my head in its not working at all :( lol what are you doing at uni?

edit: i have finally got it working after 3 and a half hours lol

Ouch, I don’t even want to imagine how rough pursuing a double major like that is. What university do you attend?

I’m in my last semester before getting a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. After that I’m pursuing a Master’s degree and then getting licensed and hopefully paying off all this debt and being able to afford to buy some better gear.

Try to extend your relationship with uni chicks and it would be fun then… Arrange a studying party… IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! :D

haha life is not that bad man.
jobs suck much more than 3 hours of class a week with whatever exam in the end.
at least it comes in waves.
9-5 is where the real pain starts.

I used to think that, but now I would have to say I disagree. This past summer, I worked as a full-time employee for the firm I’m going to be working for once I graduate and I thought working was a lot easier and less stressful than going to school full-time. I don’t know if it is just the amount of work that my program requires of me or what, but while I do love being in college, I thought just working and not having the rest of m life consumed with homework and projects was amazing.

we are two different type of people then :)
I can’t do things consistently and am much happier when life is project based. . .

Right on. I mean, I definitely see how people think the 9-5 work life blows, but I guess it just depends and how much you like your job. I just happened to like my job, so I think that helps. Plus, the computer setup in our offices have the same docking station as my laptop and they have a 22" dual-screen set-up so I can renoise really well while at work! :yeah:

Im studying just in my home town in Wales United Kingdom couldn’t be bothered to move away costs way too much, wow accounting you’ll make a futune out of that wish I was good at maths, I’ve gone shit at it and was always crap at business studies learning cash flow and break-even stuff lol I can’t even look after my money now! Had my exam now was really boring wasnt too bad though and hour and a half long of doing nothing just quessing stuff about Fabianism and HG Wells lol how fun! got two more essays to do now tonight 4000 words so no renoise loving for me tonight :(

I dont think my girlfriend would approve of studying with uni chicks but at least I would be learning something ;)

Haha, just tell her you don’t mind hanging out with some her friends.

Good luck with the essays though man, I have one coming up in my arts and humanities class as well.

cheers mate you too