iZotope plugins: Latency not compensated on preset change

I think this happens with all iZotope plugins but for sure with both Neutron 3 adv and Ozone 9 adv.

Try make a basic kick track and a snare track, add Ozone or Neutron on the snare track, start playing the song, open the plugin and start clicking next preset from within the plugin and notice it’s out of sync by quite a lot. It also goes out of sync when muting the individual modules.

When you stop the song and start play it’s playing in sync.

I use latest versions of 64bit Renoise and iZotope plugs on Win 10.

I use Win 10 pro so I just tried this (Neutron 3 elements, don’t know if that should matter), kick on one track, snare on another.

Changing presets while the song is playing had no effect on latency. It sounded fine.

But I did the same with Ozone 9 and for some presets the snare delay was quite noticeable (while for others it sounded OK).

And when I stopped the song and restarted latency was fine.


Yes it’s obvious with Ozone and less with Neutron, but it’s still there.