Jack Audio System For Windows

Might be interesting for some of you.


man this has taken FOREVER!!!

does it work good… yet?

if it does… ooo shit!!!

I haven’t tested it myself, as i don’t need it, but you might follow this thread at KVR, where some people are succesfully running it.


What the heck is a audio server? I’ve managed to is install jackdmp and I can choose Jackrouter as an ASIO driver in renoise, I get sound and everything but I can’t lower the latency (23ms). Is it something I can use as a ASIO substitute for my bottom of the line Soundblaster card or have I missunderstood the whole thing? :)

You can use Jack to route audio between various apps, similar like each app would be a kind of plugin, which would be quite flexible.

The windows version seems to lack the GUI app shown on this screenshot.

Someone at KVR mentioned, that this would be the following:

So one needs to hunt down the windows binary for that, i’d ask the developer maybe. The jackdmp distribution seems to have some commandline apps for managing the connections, try to start them and look what they do, maybe you can figure it out. :)

i got it running, 26ms latency. the command prompt window goes crazy with information if you set it to verbose. lots of discussion between renoise an jack!

i saw something about qjackctl. its builds with QT. however this is got a while to go before its concieveably usable at least on my system.

heres a modified batch script to put in the directory with jackdmp.exe

96000 being the rate an 1280 the buffer size, make sure its set to what your card is set to or it wont work as well.

also, to kill it you just ctrl +c

if you c/p into notepad save as example.bat & run by just clicking on it. the command prompt window will stay open until you kill the server.*

Someone at KVR posted a link to a windows version of QJackCtl.