JACK autoconnect on start - how to configure?


On start Renoise connects system/playback_1 and system/playback_2 inputs. I’d want 3 and 4 ones. Is it possible to configure? (or, at least, to disable). Now on every start I go to Catia to remove unneeded connections and to add needed ones.

Hi, try GitHub - SpotlightKid/jack-matchmaker: Auto-connect new JACK ports matching the patterns given on the command line. . I use it to connect any JACK connections automatically (on linux) . However it cannot remove ports… Or try claudia KXStudio : Applications : Claudia (never used it but from my understanding u can save patchbay and load it)


My temporary solution to this problem has been to use patchage instead of catia, because it allows you to select multiple inputs simultaneously and hit delete to disconnect.

I have this issue too and I haven’t figured out how to definitively solve it. I imagine there is a shell script solution that could be set up to run automatically with Renoise. Try reading through: JACK Audio Connection Kit - ArchWiki
One day I’ll take a crack at it myself.