JACK doesn't work in Renoise (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed)

When i try to set up JACK on Renoise in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, there’s no audio at all. When i checked the console output of Renoise it reveals that it failed to connect the ports for some reason i don’t know about.

Renoise LOG> Jack: Trying to open client 'renoise'...
Renoise LOG> Jack: Sample rate: 48000
Renoise LOG> Jack: Using Buffersize 1024...
Renoise LOG> Jack: Configuring the Player...
Renoise LOG> Jack: FAILED to connect port 'MSI GH50 Gaming Headset  Estéreo analógico:playback_FL' to port 'renoise:output_01_left'
Renoise LOG> Jack: FAILED to connect port 'MSI GH50 Gaming Headset  Estéreo analógico:playback_FR' to port 'renoise:output_01_right'
Renoise LOG> Jack: Up and running

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch Renoise
  • Go to “Edit” in the navigation bar, which then will reveal a panel that leads you to “preferences”
  • On Preferences, go to the Audio settings. On Device Settings, in device type set jack
  • Try to make any sound from the program

Expected results
There should be audio working with JACK on Renoise just fine

Actual results
What was described earlier happens. No audio at all

My first instinct is to check your Jack installation. Could there be a mismatch of versions in your system? Could the Jack installation be broken somehow?

From what i know of, the package “pipewire-jack” (which implements JACK based on Pipewire) is installed instead of “jack”, and a package conflict happens when i try to install the later.

I see. I’m not an expert when it comes to fixing audio issues in Linux. All I can offer are things to try out. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in.

I have pipewire-jack installed and Renoise works as expected. I am on Kubuntu, so I wonder if your issues have anything to do with the OpenSUSE pipewire package - but I am guessing. My version of pipewire is 0.3.65, if it matters.

I am inclined to think that this may be a system issue and not a Renoise one. You could try to run other Jack applications to see if they connect, like demo versions Reaper or Bitwig, Sunvox, Audacity, etc. You could also check the journalctl command to access system-wide logs and see if anything more useful shows up along with the Renoise logs.