Jack For Windows

this might be old news

but does any windows users use jack

if so how is it compared to asio4all


heres the link to the kvr forum topic

i use jack on linux tho i mainly use windows for audio - wheras asio4all is just an asio driver for soundcards without asio functionality (much better latency than my edirol too!) jack enables you to link almost anybit of audio & midi software together - kinda like rewire /midiyoke- take outputs from tracktor dj studio into reaktor and then into a sequencer who’s outputs are routed to kontackt etc and other crazy routing stuff also -

the windows version doesn’t seem to be halfway finsihed yet (no midi routing for one)but i’m looking fwd to a more functional version soon - linux version can be an arse to set up and doesn’t like stuff under wineasio too much so will be good to see it in windows.