Jack midi

Is there a chance that jack midi support will be added to renoise to remove the need for a2jmidid_bridge to route midi from renoise to external programs which are mostly using jack midi?

Yes, that would be nice. Although a2jmidid isn’t too much of a hassle if you make it automatically execute upon starting jack.


Because renoise creates it’s midi outputs for e.g. external synths on demand I have to manually use a2jmidi_bridge to have an alsa midi input to connect renoise to.

Heya, update to latest Jack - seems to work fine:



That doesn’t solve the problem because a2jmidid works only in one direction: alsa ports are provided as jack ports. However you need to select the midi output in renoise itself because it creates the midi output on demand. But Renoise only sees alsa midi devices so this doesn’t work and you still need to manually start a2jmidi_bridge for every external midi hardware/software.


Also, you cannot render in offline mode with ALSA MIDI, but with Jack MIDI you can.