Jack Protocol Mismatch

Hi again and thank you for 2.1!
I am really looking forward to running Renoise with Jack.
However when I start Jack, and then start Renoise, Jack Messages tells me

Renoise can load a song but won’t play.
Renoise shows up in the Jack Alsa client window but not in the Audio window.
Am I missing something?

I’m on 64bit debian sid, Jack version 0.116.1-4 .

Also in the changelog on the site and in the download, where it says

that’s a dead link, possibly it should be

And (slightly off-topic) will a 2.0 song run in 2.1?


since there is curerntly no 64 bit version of Renoise, you need to use 32 bit version of JACK, even under 64 bit environment. Are you doing so?

regarding the other question: yes, Renoise 2.1 can load and play all previous versions’ songs

I tried running Jack in my 32bit chroot and starting Renoise, but it didn’t work. Ended up with a few error messages and a frozen Renoise.
But then none of my other 64bit audio apps eg. Hydrogen would work either.
I had to start the chrooted Jack with sudo.
I’m a little confused.
Do I have to run Renoise in a 32bit install on my machine (I have one on anorther partition) to get it to run with Jack?
Would that invalidate my license?
Or can I tweak it so I can run Renoise with chrooted Jack on my 64bit partition(s)?
(small voice) when is 64bit Renoise coming out? :wacko:

quoting from here

many people managed to run Renoise+JACK 32bit on a 64bit environment, so it should be possible; for example, check if this guide can help.

can’t give you a date, but the request for this version is increasing, so…

Thanks for your help - but not much luck.
I applied MarcoG’s fix for the libfreetype segfault problem - but it didn’t seem to help.
I wasn’t even seeing this problem yesterday.
I checked all the dependencies with ldd renoise and all seems Ok.
I checked for the libjack stuff in lib32 and that seems ok.

I noticed TakTik is saying


so I might just wait. I compile a few audio progs from svn etc and I don’t really want to have to duplicate that in my 32bit partition.
I started an album in Renoise last year and I’ve been waiting for Jack compatibility in 64bit to finish them off with a few Linux synths and Ardour, so I think can wait a little longer.
But thanks for the help It-Alien, I appreciate it :) :)

This means that QJack CTL and Jack Daemon are both different versions.
Jack Daemon and QJack CTL (client) should both be the same versions.
This can happen if you decide to update one of both applications (instead of both) through the package manager.
I had a problem once i updated the dameon package, yet the client package was not updated at all in the package manager.
What i did to resolve the same problem i had in the past, was downloading the latest Jack Deamon and Jack Client source projects from the original sites and compile them both manually.

ok… I generally update with dist-upgrade so might be a debian sid issue…
but all my other audio apps work fine…
thanks for the tip anyway