Jack Routing Possibilities Are Now Countless

The enhanced Jack capabilities of renoise 2.8 in linux open so many signal routing possibilities it’s ridiculous. I suggest you tone it down a little bit. windows and mac users might get jealous.


What precisely is new? Been meaning to reinstall my Linux partition(s) but been sticking to Doze out of laziness recently…

I have recently been using Windows mostly and there are times when the jack routing capabilities make me jealous indeed. Things so easy under linux and JACK are near impossible under windows. :(

it’s a good question. The release notes say “New Jack implementation on Linux”. Whatever has been done, RenoiseLinux never seemed to run very stable on my vaio laptop when enabling more than 8 channels of Jack I/O… I had just finished a tinkering session on my bus commute home when I posted this with 32 channels out of renoise and 32 channels in, all live modular routings in and out of dozens of LADSPAs DSSIs VSTs… fucking insane. Not without some quirks (non renoise related AFAICT) but something was certainly done under the hood, not only with Jack I/O but also with synchronizing Renoise to the Jack transport??

Previously I’d get a bazillion xRuns when simply enabling the expanded I/O. I actually had forgotten that 2.7 “allowed” 64 channels of I/O but just checked and sure enough it does… I guess these routing possibilities were there in 2.7 but it didn’t seem to work well.

I’d recommend KXstudio. talkFX (lead KX dev)recommends starting with ubuntustudio 11.10 as a base, then enabling the KX repos and installing the desired KX packages (certainly don’t skip the audio metapackage) and finally a low latency or RT kernel. There currently is no 11.10 KX-RT kernel, which is why I personally would recommend starting with 10.04 LTS as a base. My vaio screams with ubuntustudio 10.04 + the KX RealTime kernel. 5ms of latency @ 128 F/P, 48KHz on the onboard intel audio device. Try getting that out of Doze!!

Honestly not so sure why TalkFX is pimping 11.10 as it was an epic fail by the ubuntu team… supposedly 12.04 will be a different story. . .

Sounds good stuff! Not JACK Session support yet though?

My chosen flavour is Fedora, which is in a large part is due to the fact that it’s always RedHat I come across in a professional capacity and it seems to be the main approachable variant. Used F15 and found it quite nice (ever persistent niggles still there though) and when I sort it out think I will put a F14 32bit with ccrma packages install and a general F16 64bit one…

I’ve got surprising low and stable latencies with ASIO4ALL on onboard sound believe it or not! 128 samples pretty solid for 6mS. Wouldn’t want to risk performing with it though…

I’ve been trying to play around with that and not had any luck getting things like Claudia etc to work (they keep crashing, or breaking Jack so I have to reboot. QJackctl works fine though.

Just started using Renosie though, so sounds like I’ve got into Linux Music ™ at a good time, with the possibility of an Ableton like DAW soon too :D

why so pessimistic?

The answer to your question is yes there is now JACK session support.

I can’t believe I hadn’t tried until you asked but I would have assumed that new feature would have been noted in the release notes??

give yourself an apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade and try again? I can’t say I’ve frequently shared this kind of behavior, although no software is perfect.

probably more a LADISH issue than a claudia issue… Claudia is just a front-end to LADISH… all these things are under rapid development and it’s likely you could have caught it in a buggy state.

Wasn’t meaning to be be pessimistic. You hadn’t mentioned it and didn’t remember seeing it in the release notes so I phrased the question in a negative as that’s what I thought the answer appears likely to be. Good to hear it has been incorporated though :)

believe me, I had the same expectations for the same reason!

Man i shouldn’t have put my /sarcastic tag in so soon … in fact maybe that should just go in my sigfile. ;)

I’m using Patchage over Lash at the moment… should I upgrade? there seem to be conflicts: having both installed is not an option in Archlinux… what’s better about Ladish?

Okay got it running now and found gladish, seems alright! missing jack midi integration though. I’ve tried m2j but it doesn’t display any connections I make over hardware…

Kaz - I should have mentioned - you might want to look atplanet CCRMA (pronounced Karma), one of the oldest and longest running repository for pro-audio under linux. Its been a long time since I’ve messed with it so I can’t give any recommendation one way or the other besides the fact that it’s a fedora repo.

well… if it aint broke don’t fix it… but with that said, since you asked

which home page leaves you feeling most confident:

As admitted on the LASH homepage, info and resources on LASH are scarce.
Currently, LASH is not as widely distributed as LADISH, I can only imagine because LADISH is more user AND developer friendly. I can only suggest you try it out for yourself and see how things work. Leave your current Arch partition as is, maybe back it up and copy it to another partition and experiment there.

(edited to fix “LASHISH” typo :)


Haven’t much of the maillist last couple of months (hundreds of emails on my filtered email folder waiting for me :-/ ) but when I was last trying to keep a track of it they still hadn’t got an overly stable Core for fc15 and there was more available for the 32bit variant. Hence why I plan to go with fc14 i686 with ccrma for audio and fc16 x64 x86_64 for general use and maybe probably some audio too (Renoise at least.) fc16 wasn’t out when I was last paying much attention, fc15 was still the latest and that seemed to be causing people some headaches. fc14 appears to be very stable and well tested though.


yeah I tried it out a bit and it’s definetly cool, but I don’t really see much use for the studio saving yet. I might reroute renoise into Ardour and that’s where it pretty much ends right now. probably will get back into it later, when it’s matured a bit as well!