Jack server help Linux

So i have installed pop os an ubuntu linux distro and also installed jack with the following commands.

apt-get install qjackctl pulseaudio-module-jack

Then configure qjackctl to run the following command after startup. Copy it into “Setup…” > “Options” > “Execute script after Startup”:

pacmd set-default-sink jack_out

then sudo editing the /etc/pulse/default.pa file to include two lines under the load audio drivers manually section:

load-module module-jack-sink
load-module module-jack-source

This works perfectly now, no matter what app i have open they all have sound.The problem is i cannot control the global volume in pop os.Any help guys?

Try installing pavucontrol or maybe check out this link https://askubuntu.com/questions/552485/no-volume-control-after-joining-pulseaudio-with-jack

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Did you just switch to Linux or did you use it before? I can recommend the KXStudio stuff. Makes live much easier.

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I have Linux for many years just didn’t use Jack.Kx studio repos don’t work well in this os,many people have problems as I can see around the web in recent Ubuntu versions.The volume goes back to normal if i close a jack enabled app.

Pavucontrol installed but problem still here.I will check your other solution and see.

You can use an alsa mixer (hardware control app) to set volume while using jack.