Jack Transport And Xjadeo

Hi, we recently used Renoise together with xjadeo and jack for movie post production. There was a (small) glitch with jack transport, which perhaps could be fixed for the next release:

When changing the BPM while Renoise is not playing, the jack transport position does not get updated. – it would really be cool, if jack would receive a song position update from Renoise in this case.

Kind regards,

Why should Renoise send positions when it is not playing and why should it send those when changing the BPM?
I try to find logic in the situation here. I can understand you might want positions supplied if you change positions in the sequencer, but i can’t place the idea anywhere when changing the BPM.

So, there is this concept of “cursor”, which is the hilighted position in the pattern in Renoise. When one changes the BPM, the song gets “stretched”, which means, that the song position change of the cursor should be propagated to the jack transport also imho.

At least, the song position change gets sent to jack transport in 2.7, when one moves the cursor in the pattern matrix.

But Renoise should also honour the BPM change in this case and propagate the cursor position change (-- which is an absolute time offset change of the cursor in this case) to jack transport.