Jack transport on windows?

(marbangens) #1

I don’t have jack support built in Renoise on windows but on Linux I have and can sync Ardour and Renoise both ways. On windows I have to go to Ardour and hit play cus song position wont sync other way :(how can I do this on windows to?

(Conner_Bw) #2

You get similar results on Windows and Mac using:Rewire


Many apps support it but I don’t think Ardour does.

(marbangens) #3

Ardour wont support rewire because of licencing problems and they don’t what closed source in the program…

Paul told me on Ardours forum.

I found a vst that can sync with Ardour as master still only one way.

Renoise can’t be the master cus Ardour needs to have internal Rewire…

Renoise wont have jack on windows and …

Ardour wont have rewire on windows…

and also midi syncing these programs wont work cus there seem to be something wrong with

Renoise sendingsong position pointers.

Happy fucking Christmas…

(marbangens) #4

Just buy an Imac… cus its soo cheap, I should have from the start…

I think jack is fully sported there?