Jakim - Brain Paralyzer

Hi, folks. I have created something unusual for me:


Part of my upcoming album Electronic Thoughts (almost finished, just need time to get released, I will post here when done). Pure XNRS 1.9.1 with samples and native effects only: http://modules.pl/modules/jakim/Jakim_-_Brain_Paralyzer.zip.

I’ll be honest. I really don’t like dubstep. That’s the reason I have created it - it’s always an interesting experience ;). Greetings.

Though I’m not a big fan of dubstep either, I like this one. You’ve done a good job!

Hey jakim ! I kinda like your quasi dubstep experiment. I also think that generally speaking there’s something that should be improved or renewed, with the dubstep style. I don’t know what exactly. I think that lots of research has to be made on the typical dubstep bassline. I like the fat “yaw yaw” sound, or “waw waw” effect… But today it becomes too… mainstream, people are using it the same way… it’s abit like the t-pain effect, that everybody now uses exactly the same way. And what I like in your “brain paralyzer” is that the usage of the bass is different, there are more variations, it’s still acid but it lives more and better, it reaches higher frequencies. And big thanx for sharing the .xrns track !