Jamming\Finding Appropriate Bpm

Hi Gang,
New to the forums, new to renoise (indamixx comp got me into this!). My other DAW is reaper which I almost exclusively use with e-mu x3. Anyways, my question:

I am new to tracking so just getting my own personal workflow going and wondering if any of you have advice regarding my particular situation.

I just pressed play and jammed a series of notes on my keyboard and then pressed stop. Great. I like my sequence, but now I have to fit it into a musical structure…like a two bar loop (31 ticks). Of course I didn’t pick the right bpm so this seems like it’s going to be some work to get this to fit.

My instinct is to render the loop to sample, reinsert into song (after getting rid of the jamming track), and then play with bpm until I get it to fit.

Wondering if there is some trick you guys use.

BTW, massive respect for the guys who put tutorials on the net.

You could possibly try my Pattern Resizer tool: New Tool (2.8, 3.0): Flexible Pattern Resizer

Let’s say you’ve recorded your jam live, and you record 4 bars of notes or beats or whatever, except that your 4 bar sequence ends up being a weird length in Renoise like 57 pattern lines.

What you could do is change the actual pattern length in Renoise to 57 lines so that it fits your content and loops correctly, then use my tool to physically resize your pattern data up to a more common length like 64 lines. This will cut out a lot of the manual work you’d have to do, leaving you to just fine-tune things instead.

From what you described, you kind of worked backwards. dBlue’s trick will help.

In the future you want to set the BPM first.

The the pattern acts as a sort of measure; default size of 64 lines at LPB 4 is sort of like 4 bars. You could use the TempoTap tool for this:


If you want to record more than one pattern, check out the AutoClone tool:


Welcome to Renoise.

Thanks for the tips and warm welcome!

I’ll give that a go.

I understand that bpm should come first, however inspiration struck and I just went for it. In anycase, I don’t know enough yet to determine an appropriate bpm. Usually my thought process goes : Hmm, I’m inspired by that song…what bpm was it at? Okay,let’s roll with that.

This time I got caught.

Anyways, thanks again!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm…interesting not sure if i can relate, however, if u said appropiate in context of x maybe we could help in that regard as well. :)

For now maybe even just using the metronome function may help as well if u r unsure of desired bpm…cos that way u r at least jamming to something structured. Let us know if u need anymore help or maybe if u can explain your bpm connundrum :walkman:

This! As soon as you want to jam something you most probably have a tempo in your head you want to jam on. Just play Renoise without notes (metronome on) and change bpm until you’ve got the bpm you feel is right!

I ended up going with my original instinct. The reason was that it was easier to space it out that way (adjusting bpm).

By the way, thanks for chiming in. I’m really feeling the love with the renoise community!

Cheers for that tool dblue, Really been wanting something like this for the last week. Does it work for example if you work in 4lpb and want to move up to 8 for some more complex editing?

It can handle that quite easily, but keep in mind the tool currently only works on a single pattern at a time. I will be fixing this later, but at the moment it’s a limitation you’ll have to keep in mind.

If all you want to do is go from 4 LPB to 8 LPB, then don’t forget that you can also use Renoise’s own Expand function found in the Advanced Edit panel. This will not recalculate note delays like my tool does, but it can quickly expand your whole song by to 8 LPB no problem.