Japanese Renoise Manual

Just fount a japanese renoise manual.
Might be helpful for someone who can read it.

If someone can find an email of the dude who did this, I would like to contact him and make an official link to that site. All I could find is some statement about IT-Alien, but no email :)


Here is the dudes email, but I have not emaild the guy, so I don´t know if it works but I think it should…

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Thanks. I`ve contacted him.

yeah, I saw that page some time ago, searching for ReNoise stuff.

According to BabelFish, the guy seems to appreciate my music, but you know: BabelFish often does not tell the truth ;)

by the way, I would call that an introductive tutorial, more than a real manual.

Hehe, maybe he’d appreciate that you STOPPED making music in stead? :)

hihih :)

kutibue song