girls are pretty cute :) but that guy is weird :)

What girls? Umm… :wub:

Damn, Google Video seems to have been banned from work now :(

Eye candy was great, the song was horrendous.

Haha, it’s a avex music.(avex is a major label in Japan)

Recently, the guy is a little famous comedian.
He became famous because of the mimicry of the famous pro wrestler and dancing “Parapara”. :wacko:

I don’t know these girls.
Perhaps, they are rookie of avex.


-> more.

even more on the right side.

actualy i like Ike Ike pretty much

great, i love this stuff :lol:

the music from Ike Ike is from the Vengaboys - We Like To Party. I also have the same song but then the group is called Tri-star. Not sure what’s going on here :)

japanese eurotrash? wtf? feels like being kicked back into the 90ies and in my stomach at the same time

It looks like the guy is falling in for the girl that supposed to sing the lead position. Just look at his silly dress-code.
That’s all kinky womens clothes.

He even does the silly girl dances.

There’s something about their half-assed dance and the way they look into the camera that’s just all wrong and… Not sure, they just look way too full of themselves compared to the quality of the music/presentation.

Kind of like the really gorgeous girl at school who thinks she’s special just because of her looks and the attention that gets.

LOL - I guess, if more and more people link on this, this act will become famous worldwide…

Heahaehe, that’s hilarious, love the gold pants ;)