Java Tracker!

I just surfed the net for some java mod player for my mobile and found this?, I’d REALLY love to see this on the little screen!!! :D

Yay :) I am still searching for a Midlet that plays C64 SIDs :) I use IK+ as my personal ringtone on my SE-K700i but the midi does not come close to the real SID-Sound.

Hmm. I guess, I’ll have to convert to 3gp-tone :)

Jævla Tracker :lol:


Seriously, just get a SID-plugin for winamp, set output to wav-writer, make MP3 and presto; Perfect Ringtone! :D

Well, nope :D The problem is, that the provider here installed a firmware which disallows me to use MP3 as ringtones. So, I think I’ll have to use that 3gp-format.

Converting sid to wav ain’t the problem. But at the moment by bluetooth-dongle is broken.

Ow, that’s a shame… Only few midi ringtones I’ve actually found worth using are some really amazing ones from Castlevania IV on SNES, well ported things!

Just got my k750i, had a k700i myself, was very satisfied until the stick started nagging on me, and I can choose a new cell each year practically free. :)

Tho I really love the camera on this thing, AND the 1 gig memcard I’m about to recieve by mail! The sound is quite good, saves me money buying a new mp3 player! :D

All I need now is a tracker.

so this craptracker doesn’t support more than 1 pattern plus an arranger? too bad because i could really use this at work when i have some ideas but no other way to get them out :)