Jayne Mansfield (Electro, 90 bpm)

My latest track:

Hope someone likes it :star_struck:

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Nice song with a very clear sound. How do you get that sound with Renoise, is it all about mastering?

Thanks :slight_smile: It’s all about mixing, choosing the right sounds, EQing. Consequently putting high pass filters (> ~ 200-300 Hz) on every track except of bass and kick. Many small steps which in the end make a huge difference. And learning of course, trying out different things, reading, etc.

I can recommend the book Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio by Mike Senior.

Here’s a snapshot of the mixer view:


Thanks, I just bought the book! :slight_smile:

So you mix mainly the separate tracks and not the master track? Or both?

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Sure mainly the tracks. If this is mixed well you don’t need much on the master. A bit compression to glue the instruments together should be sufficient. Reverb is on send tracks to which you can route different tracks. Did you buy the new version?

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I wasn’t really sure about the version but in the end I bought the German translation from 2012 since it was the cheapest.