Hi guys!
After a plenty of metal tracks I think I started moving in other directions also.

Here’s what I came up with after a 30 minutes of improvisation with my midi keyboard (just a set of scales but sounds almost like a real band for me).
I would appreciate any advice and\or help to make it done and sound really juicy and interesting.


ps: It is a little out of a beat at some places because I recorded all the instruments live (in note mode, not the samples) using the midi keyboard. Yes, even the drums :D

The sounds are a bit muffled but share some interesting mood. The composition is really nice, I really liked your work on drums, sounds almost like live. I would like to hear some catchy phrase with a bit offbeat drum part mixed with fitting transitions. Anyway, good job.

PS I think I recognize this sax sound, is that DSK? :D

Yes, I was just thinking about making the drums more various,non-straightforward and add develop the whole song for one more minute or something close to it.
Thanks for your advice!

ps: no, it’s DVS :D

You did a really good job at making it sound like a real band. I think the composition is pretty cheesy though!

Yeah, you’re right. Yet it’s just a set of scales played on different instruments.
Thanks for the criticism. One such comment is worth five laudatory :)

i like this good work(sound like a real bands respect!!!)

Aha, so you need to “practice” a little more ;)

To me this suggests either:

  1. Futurama’s Bender getting bored of watching ‘All My Circuits’ and flipping over to the robot porn channel for a good thrash.
  2. The deleted sex scene from Lucas Arts ‘Grim Fandango’

Personally I prefer those big guitar riffs of yours but maybe you are trying to seduce a fembot 3000 this time?


this tune sounds cool, just that sax-thing reveals … :wink:


Thanks for your comments :)
I’ve just came from a real jazz jam session. If someday I will write a jazz tune it should be less robotic :D
Meanwhile I am totally back to metal \m/