Wow! Bye sounds big and fresh! Lovely sounds. I love the vibraphones and muted trumpet. All in all very elegant loungey jazz. Following on soundcloud!

Thanx a lot :) Vibraphone, muted trumpet, rhodes and b3 organ - best of all. And of course c64 SID tunes :)

.ash sounds to me like a soundtrack … maybe to an RPG? it’s very moody indeed, i enjoyed listening to it.

It’s a soundtrack indeed :) For my self-made noir film. Thanx

Is your self-made noir film directed by David Lynch by any chance?
These are really good. I am really curious about your approach to composing tunes like these, I’d love to be able to make something as haunting and eerie yet intriguing as this. If you have time to give me a few tips some day I would really appreciate it.

No, no David Lynch :) Directed by me too :)

Nice to help you with some tips.