jbl - hochelaggjuke

This post is meant to promote this album I made with Renoise but I also wanted to explain a few things about it and I did not know where to do it until now.

This album is self-released. The only interaction in the album is a collaboration with Mushen.
There is no mix/master and this is a juke release, deal with it. The album is based on various cultural references and blends them with the footwurk rhythms and my other music inspirations (breakbeats, breakcore, etc) It’s nothing more than my personal post-modern interpretation of the Chicago sound. While it’s mostly a joke, think of Dj Nate, I do enjoy the joke and I hope you will too.

What does ‘deal with it’ mean in this context?

I am not sure actually. I just meant that I’m aware that this sounds pretty raw. I just wanted to have it out there as it is.