JBridged plugin ignored by VstPlugs

Every time I try to load this JBridged plugin I see this in the logs:

VstPlugs: Trying to instantiate C:\Users\DotExe\VSTs\Jack Dark\Dual Trashers\Dual Trashers.dll
VstPlugs: Ignoring jBridge bootstrap dll

Then it doesn’t show up in my plugins.

As far as I can tell, Renoise seems to think my plugin is the JBridge bootstrap DLL, but it’s not… It’s a wrapped plugin.

Can’t find anyone else online with this issue… help please if you can! The plugin (Jack Dark’s Dual Trashers) is out there if you need to try it. I can send it to you if you message me, just a little hesitant to be posting a DLL and telling people to download it as my first post in case I get banned.

The plugin itself does not work well with Renoise’s builtin bridge… it crashes when I try to record. It’s a nice little distortion plugin if I can get it working.

If there’s a better alternative, please, let me know. Since this plugin crashes on record using Renoise’s builtin 32-bit plugin sandbox, I’m not sure what option I have but to try a different bridge.

While I use 64 bit plugins when available, there are still a few I’d like to try out that I haven’t found 64 bit alternatives for yet. I am not so much set in old habits as I just enjoy trying plugins. And this one happens to have a nice distortion effect I could use, so I think I will continue to try to get it to work.

Also, I’ve also found many plugins that happen to be 32 bit that just work just great in Renoise’s builtin sandbox and sound amazing, so I don’t think it’s quite time yet to give up on pugins immediately just because they’re 32 bit.

Recommendations for a different 64-bit distortion/wave shaper plugin are welcome.

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If Dual Trasher, which is an outdated 20 years old plugin with an awful GUI and it’s also not available anymore, doesn’t work with both the native bridge and jbridge, you really should consider to get something new. There are a lot of bitcrushers and saturators out there. Personally I got the free Saturation Knob besides the native Renoise devices “LoFiMat” and “Distortion”, but according to a demo video of Dual Trasher it seems you’re primarily looking for a bitcrusher, and Krush seems to be one of the best free ones. You could check the free saturator IVGI by Klanghelm as well. But if you’re willing to spend some money, check this list.

I do appreciate the suggestions for alternative software to try, however I should specify I have a lot of fun using old software and I would still like to find a solution to get the plugin working using jBridge. Before I tried Renoise, I made chiptunes for 20 years… I get a lot of joy out of seeing what I can do with old software. I can’t explain it, please try to just understand I enjoy making music in a different way.

It’s not that I’m under any illusions that Dual Trashers does anything I can’t technically do with other plugins. However I did find a nice sound with it for one song before I found out it crashes on record, and I can’t quite get it right in other plugins. It’s not so much that it doesn’t work with jBridge that it appears Renoise isn’t working with the jBridge’d plugin… and given my affinity for old software I would like to see if I can find a way to make sure this doesn’t happen again. There is no reason Renoise should be ignoring the jBridge’d plugin.

Unfortunately I don’t have jbridge on my current computer anymore, so I can’t check. But for those who could check, this is the only place in the entire internet where you can still download this ancient plugin. Indeed it gets silenced WHILE rendering the song and this also affects the Renoise song afterwards when the rendering is finished, but it works again if you deactivate and activate the plugin again. Anyway, I don’t think that it would behave differently if bridged through jbridge. If you really prefer to use outdated, ancient plugins to make music in a different way, you should also consider to run them on an outdated, ancient computer system. If that’s not an option for you and everything except that one single plugin works fine, you could also record your song externally instead of rendering in Renoise. Anyway, good luck!