Jealousy - Where Am I

something new for the die hards
dark, fast, powerfull

Jealousy - Where Am I

enjoy it!

Damn… This is some heavy shit!

:walkman: :panic: :lol:

great success!

my dog likes this a lot!

it’s doggy style!


Wow! Althrough I find the mix a little messy-dusty, I really like your style. And in other way; the dusty mix gives it some kind of extra character.

Do you have more like this online? I really like to listen more of this.


Lol, speedcore much :drummer: :panic: :w00t:

Nicely made tho. Just a bit too fast for me :blink:

check my other tracks and livesets on :) today i uploaded another one. thanks for your comment!

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new and more on