Jeff Pils - Useless

My latest release is out on digital gadget. It’s my first full length album, a compilation of eleven tracks from the period beween 2000 and 2010, exclusively produced with renoise. The cover design encloses photographic works taken from a beautiful series by Oliver Schmidt ( The digital download version of “Useless” is available at Bandcamp. A CD digipak version will follow in February. Thank you for listening!

oh my o0 , that was sexy

very solid album, it’s worth a listen.

CD is now available on

very good sound choice!
the ending at kalkbreite reminds me of the in- and out- tro of kid 606 - dodgy


oh. the whole album is awesome. give it a year or so, its ahead of its time. made all in renoise? massive respect.

thank you very much, engine. Yes the whole thing is done in renoise!

Indeed. Some really unique sounds on this album, doesn’t really sound like anything else I’ve heard - excerpt maybe Jeff Pils’ label-mate, Helvetikone :)

I really dig this.

Think I might buy this!
Inspiring stuff!

This is sick