Jeskola Buzz Donations

Hi there!

I found some info on buzzchurch forum :
Maybe we’ve got some buzz users here ( or ex-buzzers ) who wish to support him.
thanks lads, greetz!

The “new” Buzz requires .NET? <_<


maybe it’s because of that that it needs Advanced Vector Extensions in order to run smoothly ? ;)

seriously, he could wait for one year in order to buy the same hardware at half price instead of asking people to buy him the state-of-the-art technology in order to run beta software. I would never trust him after past experiences

Is Buzz still in this situation where they can’t make new versions because they forgot to burn a DVD of the source code and the hard drive it was sitting on died?

As far as I know the developer had a not that recent backup and started from there again.



BUZZ beta is available here. As you can see from the changelog.txt, it has been actively developed during the last two years and an half

Since you’re on your way again with reaktor why spend money on buzz, right? :lol:

No linux, no donation ^_^

Nice philosophy. I like that! :)


:) nevermind

When I write a letter, my name is also on it, but still I sign the letter in the end.
Why? Don’t know, that is how you do it…well…did it maybe, but I am older then SMS or twitter :)


@Tehnik: Who really cares? If he wants to sign his name, then let him sign his name. It’s just one little word. You have a completely useless “internets” image in your own signature, another animated GIF, plus an embedded SoundCloud player that uses a lot more browser resources than 5 extra characters of text… are you really in a position to pass judgement here? :)

My own sig is getting a bit big now as well, so I’m not one to speak either, but at least it’s just text and links to stuff that is (hopefully) useful to other Renoise users.

There are far more annoying signatures and behaviours on this forum. I think we can let fladd off the hook here.

Disable signatures…

jajaja, you are so right.

On topic: Buzz was a cool idea, but this guy, Oskari… mmm, I dont like his policies. I think it will be better if he opens the source code.

You’re spying on me ?

Well, why not do it gracefully:write it down on paper, scan it and put that into your sig ;)

The only downside with manually signing (and that is why i think there is some protest here) is that your name also is included in the quotes and lots of people don’t want to include your signature into the quote so they manually have to remove it.

If you put you name inside your profile signature, it will not be added into quotes.

Guys, if that really bothers you, I can also just leave it out or whatever, I mean, even speaking about it is ridiculous!