…with who?



LOL! :lol: Even JC himself has been enlightened bout the power of Renoise :D

That was me. Forgot to log in.

btw. have you heard this one?

Dad and little daughter were driving along the highway, when suddenly a dildo flew out of the car driving in front of them, hit their windshield and flew off. Dad was shocked, and the daughter asked in curiousity:
-Dad, what was that?
Dad: -It was a special kind of insect.
Where daughter replied:
-It sure had a huge dick!

Jesus, are you also on this forum!? God to see a face I know…

If was also just about to post a notice about this GREAT news but luckily I saw that it had already been posted THREE times before!! ??

Reading these forums is pretty much what I do all day at work. I can’t see how I managed to miss this THREE times.



“It’s funny 'cuz it’s true!!!”
~Homer Simpson

God: Where’s your avatar? :P


crazy shit, I still have access the the page of the university-office I worked at four (!!) years ago. thanx for the webspace suckaz. and whoever registered “god” as a username -> you are too slow. pah :P

STFU both of you. We don’t need another god war here!

I suggest that people who are lokin for god in this forum do not take him or the other guy too seriosly. Instead, I suggest you forget about your religional conflicts and check this link out.

What a hottie!

Jesus, I didn’t know you were such an easy dude! Must’ve been the crucifixion that gave me a false impression. On the other hand the Cana miracle should’ve made me suspect something :lol:

Seeing Jesus posting naked chicks in this forum is giving me a personal crisis.

CRISIS!!! Was that funny bible wrong??? Does god (except those wannabes) exist after all??? Why don´t I have such a woman in my bed??? Why do I life???

OMG Crisis :(

shut up son, or I will take your cableaccess away and you will get stuck with your 56k again. I wish someone would have told me that how hard it is to have an immortal child. and dont be late home tonight, or the holy ghost will whip you again, you know how he is.

and all the others : just ignore him, it gets to his head sometimes to have such an important father. he makes nice beats, though.

searching for God’s avatars: try here.