Job Offer


I’m looking for someone to hire and help me at my company. The job is about creating music and sfx for games on mobile platforms. The position is available immediately and is base in Montreal. Midi and Xm knowledge are greatly appreciated (and I know alsmot every one here has both !).

The company’s web is here, it’s a subsidiary company of Ubi Soft and Guillemot Corp.

Contact me for questions or anything =>
This is kind of an emergency ! :)

Thanks !

Ps: Tracker trained people are rare and valuable ! :) If anyone knows another forum or good place I could seek for the right guy, please let me know ! Thank you.

damn… I knew it would have happened…

once I’ve quitted XM making, after having abused of it for 6 years, companies started searching for XM makers :)

however, this seems like an interesting chance for anyone who ever loved to see his music in a videogame.

I would call for an agreement if only:

  1. I woldn’t hate to make music for games
  2. I wouldn’t need to wait at least 60 days to quit my job due to work laws
  3. I could kwow if I’m immune to SARS :rolleyes:
  4. I could be able to write cheesy videogame music :drummer:

I bet a lot of people here has better skills than me on this 4 points :(

god-motherf****ing-dammit i wish i could still run FT2

:angry: :angry: :angry:

course there’s no way i could get to montreal ^_^

not sure, but isn’t there a link to software which helps you do just this in the links-section of :)

I’d personally love this job, but I’m stuck over here in sweden… :\ though, if you hire people overseas and ship them over neatly, I’m more than interested… ;)

awww how silly! :angry:

I think they would surely give you everything you will need to use it, don’t you think? Moreover, I think that getting a job as a musician would be a good motivation to reinstall your old copy of Win98 on a 1GB partition <_<

the problem would not be “how could I run FT2?” wether more precisely “will I be able to use FT2 again after months of RNS?

i don’t HAVE an old copy of win98 :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

and i’m looked everywhere trying to find one; asking in every computer store i can think of, asking my friends and my brother’s friends… everyone threw them out, or sold them with their old computer.


“Midi and Xm knowledge”

Well I don´t think he means that you have to make music in xm format, but that it would be nice if you had experince with the format…

I think because most of those music-programs for gameboy (advance) and other handhelds like those new mobilephones use some kind of tracker-like software (or least something like this is avaiable for these platforms).

There actually is some music to do in XM format :)
But the midi proportion is quite bigger. We do NOT develop on GBA…