Job Offering - Manual Editor

Hi everyone,

Renoise is growing, so its features, and we need someone to help us writing a descent manual and some tutorials for it.

As editor/redactor, your job will be to make a complete and comprehensible manual. You will also be responsible for making tutorials for renoise, including examples and step by step instructions to teach users how to start with renoise, and advanced techniques for experienced users.

Recommandations needed:

  • You should be able to write in perfect English.
  • You should have an experience in writing technical documentations, including easy to understand terms and forms.
  • You must be serious.
  • optional: several languages spoken fluently, for possible translations.

Of course, as we know this is a hard task to do, you will be paid for this job.

Please use this thread and post your references, or contact me directly:

Thanks a lot.

due to my poor english knowledge i can’t write the manual. but if you need someone to make a good layouted manual in any type (print, pdf, online-help) … maybe i’m the right man for you :)

but first we need a written manual - right?!


I like your website herr Korn. :)

danke! :D

i have perfect english skills, but i don’t think i would have the time to devote to writing a good manual. i could definitely edit entries and compile the finished manual, but as far as generating the content of the manual, i find the task a bit daunting.

If there is perhaps an interest in the future to include a section on tips and tricks regarding the mixing of your songs etc., I’d be more than happy to let you include any relevant sections from my personal website. It’s still under contstruction but by early next year I hope to at least have a couple of tutorials up. :)