John Siveller Featuring Pchooly - I Dont Wanna Fkin Play Anymore! - EXPLICIT

Hey all!
I made this new song with Renoise. It’s a lot of fun imho. Hope u guys njoy listening.
Song description here:

Pchooly is a Twitch Streamer from Texas, with his co-host Steve, he’s a fast emerging talent, an excellent entertainer and a good COD Warzone player, however, he is mainly known on Twitch and Youtube for his funny, colorful and intense rages. If u haven’t seen any of his content, pls follow his Twitch channel at the link below:

This song is an EDM piece, with a classic EuroDance structure, and ALL of the Pchooly’s Vocals used in this song, are taken from Pchooly’s Twitch Live Streaming Sessions while playing COD Warzone. Hope you guys like this one:

Title: I Dont Wanna Fkin Play Anymore!
Composed with Renoise 3.3.1
Release Date 21 July 2021
Speed: 126 BPM
Key: B major
Genre: Classic Eurodance