Joining two songs / improving fx chain functionality

Guys and girls,

this is probably one of the most ever wished features in Renoise: The ability to join two songs. I mean if I made some quite complex fx setup that is so good that I want to reuse it in other projects, it’s quite a pain to copy the stuff to another song project, that also maybe already was started…

The fx chain isn’t enough for this. Lot of fx setups include multiple tracks and routing between them. So I highly need the ability to save multiple, but selective fx and also multiple tracks at once!

What about improving the fx chain function in a way that you can select multiple fx in the mixer view on multiple tracks, holding down shift. Then right clicking and saving it to a fx chain, all fx and routing between them could be saved. If loading the chain to another project, all required channels will be created, if needed and the routing is working already. Even better, if the name of some send track is the same as in the source song, it could be asked if the fx should be inserted there or if a new send track should be created…

Dear developers, please think about this. This could highly improve workflow in a way that you actually can build then a song project out of required setup snippets… We all want to spend the most time in composition and not technical aspects of the DAW.

Of course multiple selection while copy paste would also help a lot.