Jonas - Hip Hop Inspired Album On My Bandcamp Soooon

Ey yo,

Currently finishing up an album I’ll un-hide on bandcamp this weekend featuring a bunch of slower tempo beats, skits and tracks I’ve made over the years. A hybrid mix of hip hop inspired stuff and electronica. In 4 of the tracks, I’ve teamed up with my main man :) Sinkmusic from Kvr, who provided some exquisite drumkit samples for me to mangle and use ( ).

Check out the album teasers here:





Booya, it is out!

I proudly present you my new hip hop flavored release on bandcamp. A mix of beats, skits & tracks, heavy on the sampling front mixed with electronica.

Check the album here:

you really have some interesting tracks in there. i always had a thing for dark atmospheric hiphop-ish stuff, with a melancholic touch or just a spaced out, relaxing feel to it. my personal highlights are:

Dennis beat - great guitar theme
braggadocious - love the song and every little nuance of it! especially the part at 2:23 or how it switches moods depending on if the echoy synth/sample is playing, the thick bassline, the vocals, great… only the mixing seems a bit off at some parts
Vrij - i like the experimental rhythms and how the vocals are part of it
loopzoalshethoort - perfectly chilled out and smooth
you set me up - minimal but very atmospheric, reminds me of “driving aimlessly through the city at night”-scenes in movies
Lodasia - typical hiphop IDM stuff, well done. something i’d expect to hear on SomaFM’s cliqhop idm channel
Deest beat - very nice, everything just works well together

i enjoyed it :walkman:

Thanks for listening / feedback Mandulin, happy with the result myself as well B)

this rules, definitely my kind of stuff. listened to Rico and Braggadocious quite a few times now! love making hip hop and beats in renoise. i recognize that loop you made in Rico, it was one of my favorites in the loop project. also recognized a couple others. maybe just one more. good stuff

really good. wish more people would push hiphop in this direction, lets do it!


Good ears & memory cat hero! B)

hey jonas , nice take on the hiphop beats , but i hope that you didnt get Tired of the breakcore stuff :)

hell no, working on a second segment ep :drummer:

Always liked your stuff , keep up the good work


Had this sat in an open browser tab for ages as wanted to find the time to listen properly with speakers, or at least good headphones. Just decided to play it in the background through the laptop speakers anyway though and really enjoyed it. Will definitely have to listen again more critically and quite possibly part with the readies :)

laptop speakers? heh, blast these on some proper speakers mate :drummer:

ace as usual :yeah: