Jonas Protracker Tracks & Mods

Found some old disks in a box featuring protracker modules of gabber and jungle tunes from 1994 & 1995 and have uploaded the recordings here:

No hardware or (vst)effects, just 1 megabyte of ram and 4 mono channels of 8 bit sounding goodness :slight_smile: .

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I’ve discovered trackers (probably protracker) with this machine, one of my friends was a local demomaker, I perfectly remember what I said to myself : “if it’s seriously developped this tracker-solution could kill in a near future the actual expensive hardware-based homestudio solution”.


yep, the potential of the tracker paradigm was apparent for me too :) , being able to create your own beats on a predominantly gaming platform the Amiga was without having to necessarily invest in hardware.

this is gold , any chance to get this also in .mod format?

Awesome, i also want these in MOD. format:-) suberb tracking:-) there was so many ultra talented trackerheads in the old Amiga scene:-) and like Jonas said, no vst effects only 4 channel of pure 8 bit magic:-)

Thanks, you are too nice, probably because an obscuring veil of nostalgia :wink:

I don’t mind sharing the .mods if I had some kind of way to extract the floppy disks! I don’t have an old pc here, or an external 3.5 inch floppy drive to put them in… not sure if those could read the Amiga formatted disks at all anyway? When an opportunity arises I’ll try it for sure.

the this has the nostalgic vibe ! maybe i’ll gather a couple of my old amiga mods and put them up for laughs :)

sometimes i miss the crunchy amiga sound!

Do it!

Yep, it has a distinct sound. I’ve recorded the outputs of the Amiga straight to disc through obsolete Phillips technology ( Super Audio CD - Wikipedia ), instead of loading the .mods in modplug (impossible anyway because of earlier stated reasons :)) and rendering them digitally. I bet the latter way would sound differently.

By the way :) , for whose interested in decrepit hip-hop’ish and jungly beats, I have also uploaded some recovered cassette tapes of tracks made with fasttracker II here:


Pt2 here;
Pt3 here;

  • after finally installing a gotek usb drive in my Amiga 2000 I have been able to transfer .mods from disk to the current day pc. Have been uploading the ones that are not corrupted to modarchive as well. So if one wants to toy around with them check for dl here;

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