Jonas The Plugexpert

Interface is the name of a dutch music magazine.
every month they have a demo in their CD from a reader.

this month it’s Jonas the plugexpert with his track Emotieloos.
Congratulations Richard!

off course he mentioned Renoise as one of his music tools.
even the website is mentioned :)


congrats, exelent to see that a great renoise user gets the exposure that he deserves…
any way we can listen to this track without buying the magazines/cd ?


that magazine was dope when they had the english version.
i’ve been wanting for quite a while to get the english back issues, (if they are still around) they use to have some really cool schematics. but the bookstores i frequent cant order any of the back issues, so i must rely on nuts an volts for schematics, which is informative but mostly just nerdy stuff.

big up plugexpert! that is a magazine worth recognition!

well they are promoting Jonas so they must be getting something right ;)

emotieloos is pretty cool, a trippy glitchy journey or something…
I’ve seen hardly any of these tracks…listening to a whole bunch of stuff now

PS: you should have a counterpart who goes by the name of socket rocket or something :)


damn im sorry, i didnt mean to jam a fork in this thread
i havent seen the magazine in close to a decade now.

very dope thing about this, is new artists that research you, will certainly find out about trackers & renoise, an you will have lead them while influencing them along the way! artists lead people!